Studio 9 Digital Media Inc.

Custom RFID Cards
Quick access to information on hundreds of products at once
Make it simple & Save more time
Transfer large amounts of data through your system.
Secure access for privacy
Limit the amount of access and secure those private matters.

Program and Print Premium Quality RFID Cards

Studio 9 has the printing and programming capabilities to create premium quality High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID cards that are customized to meet the needs of your business. The cards are constructed with the highest core and overlay materials for durability and adhere to ISO and ANSI applications.


Powerful Technology

Streamline tasks with powerful RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology that consists of a small microchip and antenna stored inside eye-catching custom plastic cards.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Errors with RFID Technology

RFID technology has many advantages for a variety of business applications. The small RFID tag can store large amounts of data that can easily be transferred through your system for quick access to information on hundreds of products at once. Accuracy is increased, along with speed and security when using RFID. The tags can also be updated so that cards can be re-used over again, helping to reduce waste and printing costs.

Inventory Control

Allow your business to identify individual products and components, and to track them throughout the supply chain from production to point-of-sale. Use RFID with a reader to encode the tags with the product data.

Access Control

Allow only the entry of authenticated and authorized personnel to secure spaces. RFID technology is also applied in  supply chain inventory, gate control in parking garages, retail checkout lines and even race timing. RFID can be either active, in which it has its own power source and a high range, or passive, in which it is powered by a reader and works at shorter distances.

Public Transportation

RFID Cards allow better monitoring and transparency. More transparency means less corruption when it comes to transit fraud. Contactless RFID Cards Wireless RFID Cards have numerous benefits compared to a conventional contact based ticket systems.


RFID based attendance system. … Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based attendance system is one of the solutions to address this problem. This system can be used to take attendance for student in school, college, and university. It also can be used to take attendance for workers in working places.

Logistics & Supply Chain

This technology is especially suited for goods circulation and tracking. For a supply chain, the RFID technology can be used in several aspects, including freight transportation, warehouse management, inventory management, manufacturing, and retailing. With RFID technology, the supply chain can achieve high performance and tracking.


Interactive kiosks may now inform, encourage, and gather priceless data on customers’ behavior and preferences. Such data, properly utilized by brand managers, carries a great benefit. There is a reason why knowledge is now considered as the most desired resource of 21st century.